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Thanks to everyone for coming!

Thanks Max Collins for the awesome photos!

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Let’s Celebrate

April 19, 2011. 7PM-9PM. Pot&Box 220 Felch St.

A “Thank You” to everyone who supported and took part in my senior thesis.

And a celebration of local food, people, and ideas.

For more information, email me: alyssa.ackerman@gmail.com

To get a better understanding of the project, view the video on kickstarter, and if you like what you see, we could really use your support!

EAT will be serving food and Roos Roast and the Brinery will be making drinks (so please bring cash if this may interest you)!

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My dad and grandma 🙂

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I have about seven unfinished “drafts” in here that I have yet to publish, so I decided for the last (2?!) weeks, I will embrace the “unfinished”-ness of these posts, and take them directly to “PUBLISH”. No more pressing” save draft” to publish later.
here goes

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Stay cold, Michigan

Okay, this is a selfish request. As soon as it gets warm, working in my dark studio gets incredibly difficult.

Lots going on. Mind mapping, 16 feet of it, and finalizing bits and pieces.
T-shirts are in and we are printing them this Friday!
I will be spending Saturday and Pot & Box to figure things out spacially.
REALLY exciting news on food and beverages (depending on funds)
A bit upset by the rushed website deadline, so I will be stepping away form my massive inspiration board to put that together,
I am thinking of give aways and needing to order more seeded paper… which is expensive and I hope I don’t have to do!
Kickstarter is picking up, but the more I work to plan the event part, the more expensive I am realizing it will be.
My kickstarter

My sleeping is all messed up again. I swear. I stay up all night once- and I am back on the crazy lack-of-sleep schedule that I embraced sophomore year. I can not sleep a whole night, and feel great the next day… and the next day, and the next day. I can do it again the next day… and this just continues. As nice as this can be, it’s slightly concerning.

I am so much more productive during the night,though. I have a hard time getting work done in studio hours, these days, and have been spending night times in the studio. I will continue this.

The lack of new blog posts is a good sign- it means I am working!!
I think.

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facebooking and websitting

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16 feet of cork board!


hard at work ^


Moving away from the sterile, boring, infographics I was working so ridiculously hard on, I have done a good amount of  experimenting in the last few days. Monday night the decision was made, to change directions. Although it seems a bit late in the game to change any directions, I am going for it. It’s so much more fun and fits the project much better than the (wrong) direction I was headed.

Thinking about the 16 ft board I have to work with at Pot&Box, I decided to go for something more fun and collage-y. I never work in this fashion but envy those who do, and I always wish I did. Starting this week, I do too!


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for more bags by matt, check out his blog.


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this is it.

One month from 7pm this evening, I hope to see you here!

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