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Thanks to everyone for coming!

Thanks Max Collins for the awesome photos!

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Thank you

Thanks so much for everyone who came out last night! It was so much fun to celebrate with you all!

Thanks hugely to Lisa for the incredible spot at Pot & Box, and EVERYONE who was involved!

more photos to come……

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Let’s Celebrate

April 19, 2011. 7PM-9PM. Pot&Box 220 Felch St.

A “Thank You” to everyone who supported and took part in my senior thesis.

And a celebration of local food, people, and ideas.

For more information, email me: alyssa.ackerman@gmail.com

To get a better understanding of the project, view the video on kickstarter, and if you like what you see, we could really use your support!

EAT will be serving food and Roos Roast and the Brinery will be making drinks (so please bring cash if this may interest you)!

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My dad and grandma 🙂

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My direction has changed, and it is one I have never explored. I am having a hard time figuring out how to group all the content I have. I am trying to love the crazy that is within the walls of my studio and bring that into the exhibition space without scaring people. It also has to make sense. It needs to be easy to find the starting point and not get lost. I have so many decisions to make….

Today I drove around Ann Arbor, Ypsi, and Canton searching for Tiffins. I found two, at the first place I went. Yikes.

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