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Stay cold, Michigan

Okay, this is a selfish request. As soon as it gets warm, working in my dark studio gets incredibly difficult.

Lots going on. Mind mapping, 16 feet of it, and finalizing bits and pieces.
T-shirts are in and we are printing them this Friday!
I will be spending Saturday and Pot & Box to figure things out spacially.
REALLY exciting news on food and beverages (depending on funds)
A bit upset by the rushed website deadline, so I will be stepping away form my massive inspiration board to put that together,
I am thinking of give aways and needing to order more seeded paper… which is expensive and I hope I don’t have to do!
Kickstarter is picking up, but the more I work to plan the event part, the more expensive I am realizing it will be.
My kickstarter

My sleeping is all messed up again. I swear. I stay up all night once- and I am back on the crazy lack-of-sleep schedule that I embraced sophomore year. I can not sleep a whole night, and feel great the next day… and the next day, and the next day. I can do it again the next day… and this just continues. As nice as this can be, it’s slightly concerning.

I am so much more productive during the night,though. I have a hard time getting work done in studio hours, these days, and have been spending night times in the studio. I will continue this.

The lack of new blog posts is a good sign- it means I am working!!
I think.

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My direction has changed, and it is one I have never explored. I am having a hard time figuring out how to group all the content I have. I am trying to love the crazy that is within the walls of my studio and bring that into the exhibition space without scaring people. It also has to make sense. It needs to be easy to find the starting point and not get lost. I have so many decisions to make….

Today I drove around Ann Arbor, Ypsi, and Canton searching for Tiffins. I found two, at the first place I went. Yikes.

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facebooking and websitting

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16 feet of cork board!


hard at work ^


Moving away from the sterile, boring, infographics I was working so ridiculously hard on, I have done a good amount of ¬†experimenting in the last few days. Monday night the decision was made, to change directions. Although it seems a bit late in the game to change any directions, I am going for it. It’s so much more fun and fits the project much better than the (wrong) direction I was headed.

Thinking about the 16 ft board I have to work with at Pot&Box, I decided to go for something more fun and collage-y. I never work in this fashion but envy those who do, and I always wish I did. Starting this week, I do too!


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for more bags by matt, check out his blog.


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this is it.

One month from 7pm this evening, I hope to see you here!

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Completely scared to even beginning thinking about the infographics that would play a huge role at my exhibition, I have found myself adding them and rescheduling them in the incredible lists that I find myself making ( I ‚̧ list-making).

Last week I revamped the business plan I had created first semester. When I saw revamped, I mean I sat myself down in front of my “Big Picture” book from The Ross Business School’s Marketing 300 class (taken two years ago). Here, I read from cover to cover, highlighter, pen, and computer nearby. I questioned what category the company was actual in, (fast food? wholesome food? bike delivery?), and what kind of marketing strategy it should go for (acquisition, retention, steal share, stimulate demand). I had no distractions (gmail was off, facebook was gone, phone was off), and I made incredible process. A lot of things changed, and a lot of things became more clear. This was the first step in beginning the infographics.

Last Friday, instead of waking up at 5am to volunteer at Selma Cafe (which I love dearly), I got a full night of sleep and woke up to a small alyssa-made breakfast instead of the deliciously rich, locally sourced ones from Selma. I also had consumed zero cups of coffee before 8 am instead of the usual three (although when it’s roos roast… I consider that self control).

I began working at 9:30 and worked all day long. Well, I worked hard until 6ish, when I took a break. A very long one. I worked all weekend on the infographics, laying out what information I should include, and in what format. How would I lay this out along the walls of Pot & Box ? I tried to figure it all out… and then I stopped,

and I started illustrating and actually laying it out.

I’ve been doing that every since…

Here are a few early layouts… a lot of editing needs to still take place. The tone I am going for is still slightly up in the air, and things have already been added and taken away a bit from these ideations, but I wanted to give you an idea of what I am working on…

just the starts



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I have five tuna cans… that’s about 1.25 tiffins…

Cat food cans will work! Any tuna-esque can!

Thank you!

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mobile app

Mobile application mockups-take one.

Structured after: Volkswagen.


Here is another (slightly cornier) mockup playing off the “wholesome” that is Spoke N Spoon’s food… Again, VERY much in the works. Obviously work needed on the text, and the screen, but just playing with concept and beginning to test a few ideas.

I love feedback- if anyone has some! Working working working

(Thanks to EAT for letting me use their photos and food all the time!)

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