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The story of two environmentally charged girls.

It’s safe to say that most of the senior A&D class thanks Trumpey for any environmental agenda we know have. It was his class, afterall, which got me so excited and so upset about food. It was his final project, where I threw myself into the local food movement in Ann Arbor, and began making contacts I still work with today. It was his class that spiked my interest.

One of the individuals I met during my second year of college (and during Trumpey’s class) was a woman named Lisa Waud. She was a florist and the proud owner of  Pot & Box. We had met a few times throughout that semester, and had been in touch on and off through email since.

With the completion of this Environmental class, I began my minor in PitE, and when IP rolled around, I had only one theme to pursue, and it was an environmental one. It was a theme that would reintroduce me to the local food world, and to Lisa.

Last semester I really got around the food world. I was always found at the Farmers Market, and events showcasing Ann Arbor’s local food. Monique from Al Dente and I got to know each other and I became great friends with David from the Brinery and with everyone at Mill Pond Bread. I began volunteering every morning (6-8am) at Selma Cafe, and began working closely with EAT.

I attended a number events including the Mill Pond taste of Italy out at their bakery as well as Ann Arbor’s hottest food talent at Lisa’s beautiful Pot & Box space. This was where I first saw it…

The seed was planted. My hopes were high, and now it’s happening!

Spoke N Spoon at Pot & Box

April 19th

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rubber stamp

Yesterday my rubber stamp arrived! The ink pad I bought, however, turned out to be completely dry-so stamping has been postponed, but the excitement lingers.

I spoke with Anita and Kelsie about screen printing my own shirts and have a meeting with Sarms from Modati this Friday to discuss screen printing, as well.

I have spent this week continuing work on the business cards, tags, t-shirts, and coasters. I am so happy to have the rubber stamp, and have been stamping all sorts of things on my free time, as well. I have revamped my studio slightly, adding to the walls of inspiration, and have recently set up in another studio space to start mocking up what the exhibition will look like.

After speaking with Mark Neilson in hopes of borrowing already built walls, I left slightly discouraged. I know my strengths and weaknesses (to some extent), and I know that woodworking/construction is not one of them… Contemplation on how to exhibit continues.

Meanwhile, I have been looking at a map I made from Eats menu (the items that were delivered through spoke n spoon), and have been really amused by seeing where some of the ingredients come from in map form. Check it out for yourself, I really like seeing these points on a map- and if they would correlate more directly to the menu via the website/paper menu/etc… there could be a positive response.

interesting….still thinking of how to  incorporate of the map… but I am excited, nonetheless,



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Thinking outloud

With seeded paper on the way for business cards and other ads, I have begun designing other elements of spoke n spoon. This week I will work on a business card (although am also curious how that could work with the logo stamp), designing the uniform for the bikers, and talking with Anita about screen printing. I will also continue looking at other food labels and design campaigns.


I have recently been thinking of how to combine my food “tag” with either the business card or a coaster (any suggestions?) The tag will be clipped (with a clothes pin) to the bag. It will have the office/address, the persons name, the order, and the cost on it, and will either become a coaster or a business card (I am leaning towards coaster).


I am also looking at a map of Michigan and placing where different parts of EAT’s ingredients come from. This is as much information I have from the menu that I had used while serving their food first semester. I am beginning to brainstorm how to incorporate this.

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I love these take away packages. The folded tags with the maps add a lot to the ”
I love this idea and the packaging. The attached maps are a really nice touch and help distinguish the brand from other packaged lunch items. The suggestions of where these meals can be eaten via the patterns on the packages is a refreshing way to spark creativity or spontaneity in the customers.

Student work.


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Backup to break

I felt especially lucky this year over winter break. Luck, for I would be spending the holidays with my family. Lucky, for I would be experiencing Christmas and New Years in a very different culture than my own. Lucky, for the wedding I would get to attend in early January of my brother and his fantastic fiance. Lucky for the warm climate and Spanish speaking that would take place. Lucky, for the fresh food I would be eating every day.  Lucky for a lot of things.

One of the larger things I felt particularly grateful for was the fact that I would have minimal access to the computer. At first this was a terrible thing. How would I get any work done? Then this became a wonderful thing, I could get no work done.

I knew, had I been at home, I would be thinking, talking, and dreaming of spoke n spoon. I would be on my computer each night feeling like I should work on it, but not be getting much done. I would come back to school feeling exhausted, like there had been no break.

Not THIS break. I truly took a vacation, and I needed one. I did some work in my notebook, which nice. Sketching and brainstorming, mostly. I also photographed and watched lunch take place in Peru. I watched fleets of bikers with ice cream coolers in between their two front wheels pedal the plaza, hoping for customers. I saw Pizza Hut deliveries take place on motorcycles, and fresh foot sold on carts all over the cities and towns.

I forced myself to draw. I hate to admit it, but drawing to me, is like flossing your teeth It’s something you KNOW is crucial. You are told at every meeting to do it more, but for some reason, you continue to avoid it…I have to get over this.

Anyways, I began drawing from a book ideas for logos. Needless to say, I need to draw a lot more and get a lot better, but it was helpful to have it on paper before bringing it to the computer.

I also spent a lot of time laying out how I would exhibit. Because the project is indeed one based on PROCESS, I knew that would make up a large part of my content. I also knew that I did not want to make a poster of the process, a book of the process, or anything of that sort. I want the audience to be able to explore it as much as he or she would like, but not  be exhausted and turned away from the amount of work, inspiration, and articles displayed.

My exhibition will include a replica of my studio. This will allow people to see the inspiration I have been looking at all year, my mind maps, calendars, trial letter press attempts, binders with the articles, papers, and plans, and all sorts of things SHOULD they decide to search through them. If not, they will simply have a visual of my workspace positioned next to the final outcomes. The final outcomes have changed slightly. I moved away from creating a flash banner, for this would not fit in so well with the other elements. I really wanted to do a flash banner to learn flash, but in terms of my project, there is no place for it.

I will have more studio space starting next week, and therefor will begin mocking up what this fo-studio will look like and contain on the walls. Until then I must put my studio back together, after having taken things off the wall for my presentation in December.

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Vermont Coffee Company designed by “Place”

Student Work: Drew Roper

Hot Cup Cold Spoon

Fearless Chocolate


I have been looking into seeded paper for my business cards and anything else I can use it for (bags, napkins, etc). The downside is the cost. The upside, is that you can literally plant the materials which will grow into some sort of green living plant! I have samples on the way and a custom designed rubber stamp headed to Ann Arbor!


I was able to put things BACK on my wall! I scrapped the flash banner idea. I was going to create a flash banner for spoke n spoon, but I am editing and feeling great about it.

Today I have been working on business cards, and contacting places for the T-shirts, business cards, and rubber stamp. Lots to do, but things are moving—thank goodness!


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Finding much more inspiration here. Again, I have been looking a lot at how something like a logo transfers from one medium to another. How a logo is manipulated when it stands alone versus when it is placed on a business card, is what I am really looking at.

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I can’t help but love these designs by Ptarmak. The simple, spacious design creates a nice hierarchy and they do a nice job with carrying the image through each medium. I especially like the patterns and color palette.

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Finally making progress I am feeling happy with. Beginning with a bare bone logo, just the type face. Here are a few directions (very similar and simple) I am exploring. From here, moving into a seal for the logo which will be stamped with a rubber stamp on the lunch bags. Just working with black and white at this point. Once further decisions are made and I push the chosen logo, color will be added.

Thinking about what information needs to be included. Because these will be on the bags, I feel it is necessary for the website to be here. Whether “Ann Arbor, MI” must be on the logo is questionable, but will be determined for the final design.

Looking at sites such as logopond, creative fan, ptarmak, creattica, logo design love, logo gala, colour lovers, etc.

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