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Continuing my work with the website. I underestimated the time involved in creating my personas, scenarios, and userflows, but this evening, I saw its “completion”!

Moving forward and thinking about software for computer wireframes.

Also thinking about how to display this process in an exhibition. Lots to think about and continue working on!

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Colors are in the works.

Also- I am currently working on the website, which is hugely a process-based project. I am curious and would LOVE your opinions on the best ways to document the process.

The process includes write ups of personas, scenarios, lots of mind maps and user flows of how an individual will go through the site, etc. Right now I can create a presentation of sorts- with this information, but was going to reach out and see if there were further suggestions!


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Last night Ben English taught me a bit about letter press. Using Stymie, we pressed some paper! He showed me the whole process so that I will potentially and hopefully be able to do it again by myself-if necessary. We used green ink- as it came- and ran it through a few times. He explained the way the drawers of type are organized and how to use the furniture.

I am very excited to continue letter pressing, and potentially using the process as a part of SPOKEnSPOON’s print campaign.

Thank you Ben!

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A website is critical to the success of SPOKEnSPOON, and a website is what I plan to design. Among many other things of course.

While studying in India, I took a user interface design course. This was the only such course I have been able to participate in, and learned an incredible amount. My professor, Arvind Thyagarajan did an incredible job of sending us resources and going through the entire process in great detail. The last month and a half, I have been revisiting his emails and reading up on personas, scenarios, user flows, wireframes, etc.

I have been reading up on the process, have created my personas and scenarios and have begun user flows. I have also found some websites I wish to model mine after, and have begun laying it out in photoshop.

Here are some of the articles I have been reading and some resources that may be helpful to others hoping to design a website.

Take to heart: Never having done something before is a bad reason not to do it.

Information overload: Harvard Business Review

Human Centered Design: method

Personas and Storytelling

Personas and Research: cooper.com


Examples of Scenarios


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working logos

nothing loveable yet

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This is the first wed. in about 6 weeks without the market! I have to sadly admit, I feel more rested (and even woke up at 7am for a run this morning) than I have in about six weeks. All day, however, thoughts of warm, fresh, local lunches filled my thoughts (which could explain part of the difficulty I faced with logo development). Around noontime, I sat down with my humus and veggies (which were delicious, dont get me wrong),  but I knew what I was missing.

I spent the earlier portion of the day on the phone with my “coach” for a competition I am entering. We spoke of business models and a plan for my paper which comes due on December 17th. Having only a small background in business, it was extremely helpful to talk to someone in the field.

I then jumped right back into logos! Logos logos logos. Who doesn’t love logos?

I have been scouring the web for inspiration. Finding glimpses at logopond, creatica, logo design love, and logo of the day to name a few.  I also have been looking closely at examples of letterpress (a process I have never learned), and the graphics on rice and flour bags. I have worked with visual elements, everyone’s first thought of bike wheel and the spoon, but found no satisfaction.

I chug away on the logo, but today I decided, against previous belief that I can start working on other elements while I continue the logo. Originally I thought “I CAN’T DO ANYTHING until I have a logo”, and today I proved this wrong with my third drafts of wire framing. I found a website that’s inspired me, and am mocking up my own in photoshop with a unique theme of colors, and the necessary information that users will need to navigate through the site. This is done only after extensive thought and brainstorming (and OH was it a storm!), the creation of personas and scenarios, user flows, and very rough wire frames and mind maps.

Websitting here I come.

Business planning continues.

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Switching gears

This week-I switch gears.

I go from running a small business delivering delicious local food from Eat to urban offices in the Ann Arbor area, to being a design student again.

Big change.

This week I pump out a logo. With a logo created, I will learn to letterpress and use a risograph printer for the paper graphics that will appear on bags, napkins, business cards, etc. Once a logo has been embraced, a website, vinyl stickers, and the rest of the identity can begin, but a lot sits on me this week, on the logo.

It’s not that I haven’t thought about a logo until today. I have been thinking, researching, and sketching for some time here. I have been facing difficulties I assume most face when attempting to create a logo, and the fact is that by November 22, 2010 I better be ready to begin the website and other such “channels” for SPOKEnSPOON.

When the name was thought up, clear visions of what the logo could look like came with it.

“You should do a bike with spoons are the wheel spokes!” was a popular comment upon hearing the business name. Although the sound of that is quite nice, it’s painfully literal. SPOKEnSPOON says all that. If I want a graphic with a spoke in it, it will have to also contain a spoon, but the words say these things… how redundant.

But attempting to use a simple logotype doesn’t seem to suite me. Maybe that’s something I need to get over, but after looking into letterpress and having found some truly incredible and intricate designs, I can’t help but want to create something complex.

Back to the business plan to refocus my mind.

Back to illustrator to begin understanding and loving logotypes.


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Further inspiration

This weekend, while in Boston, I found some serious inspiration. For starters parked directly outside a pizza place called Upper Crust on Newberry street, a bike was set up with a delivery box. It was a wooden box with a beautiful black logo, and it’s size was impressive. I also saw a large number of taxis powered by bike. They looked like auto rickshaws but powered by an eager biker instead of a motor.

Green roofs– 

Bicycle messengers


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Ed on bike delivery!

Ed from Arborcycle writes about bike delivery on realtimefarms.com.

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The end of trial runs

Unfortunately, the trial runs must come to an end. This following week will be the last of trials before the project is rolled out in Spring of next year. These trials have been great, and have exposed a number of the system’s hiccups that I have been able to address now instead of when it actually gets going. Thanks to everyone who has participated and made it possible!

Eat has provided the incredible food, helping to make SPOKEnSPOON a desirable service. They have also been extremely involved in the process and the ideation stages, brainstorming, and talking about the future of the idea, as well as the future of Eat. (They have some great ideas). So Thank you EAT!

Ed from ArborCycle has been extremely fun to work with. Understanding that a budget for the project does not exist, he has been helping out largely with very little payback! We would sometimes meet before the sun would rise, and discuss options, ideas, and the future of SPOKEnSPOON

David from the Brinery helped round out and develop the idea in its entirety, as well as put me in touch with important people!

Matt Grandin for his help with developing an insulated delivery bag.

Ben English who is helping brainstorm about printing options with regards to logos.

Hook, Q LTD, Evan Hansen (Gourmet Underground Detroit) , and Morgan and Yorks for your participation!

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